• The Customer Service Saga



    Have you ever had a problem with something you bought, but all you can get when you call the customer service of the company you bought it from is an automated machine? This is the kind of service you have to say the same request over and over because the computer doesn’t understand. You wind through all sorts of menus and dead ends before you give up and throw the phone out of the window in surrender. It’s understandable why businesses choose this path. More people to help means more people to hire, which costs money and many businesses are trying to cut expenses across the board.

    A company that’s laying off 70% of their workforce isn’t going to start hiring technicians tomorrow just because your toaster started playing Christmas music. For those companies who can’t hire any additional help, it would be nice if their automated menus made sense. You shouldn’t need a doctorate to find out how you can get your coffee maker to stop turning water and coffee grounds into chocolate milk (regardless of how impressive that might be). These struggling corporations must consider the addition of live chat support software to their repertoire. Current employees could add another set of tasks to their job description if most of their day is spent loafing around the office.

    This happens a lot of times when a company’s prospects are looking bleak. They use the resources they have to begin doing more with less. Getting the right people on board who can do several things at once is helpful in this area too. These super employees must be able to balance a large workload and still get their work done. Sometimes they’re willing to work for less money, which opens up the possibility of hiring more than expected. The more multi-talented employees you can get in your business, the more you can do with less. Kiss those astronomical payroll budgets goodbye.

    Many don’t want to accept a customer service position because it’s a lot of frustrating, demanding work with little reward compared to the amount of time each employee puts in. Yet, these positions are the most rewarding in terms of how much help the customers receive. When executives and producers are too busy to answer the call, customer service steps up to help the people. That should be looked at as being more honorable than how society currently sees it. We labeled customer service people an annoyance years ago and the label has stuck ever since.

    Live chat support software isn’t going to solve all your problems. The customer service process is only as good as the customer service technician, the customer and the technology. All three of those are imperfect and prone to shutting down at any moment. If one of them decides to not cooperate, the entire process is screwed up. But this software can go a long way towards satisfying your need to improve customer service. Buy it today. You won’t regret that you made the purchase.

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